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Life After High School!

How I've been Adulting so far It's been so long since I have written anything! Life has been busy but I have also been waiting to write about my experiences because the timing was never right. I was never in the right state of mind for composing my thoughts and I wasn't always in the best mood I'll be honest and I truly wanted to set the right mood for this post.

June 2017  Hawaii

I began my summer going to Hawaii with my best friend Kelsey. Actually she took me to Hawaii (I don't deserve my friends) and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Who knew Hawaii had the best Kona Coffee fudge?       We spent our days hiking through the lush greenery and stopping on the side of the road to let me pee because she insisted I need to drink  water bottle after water bottle to keep from getting dehydrated. We laid on the soft sand and jumped around the waves like the hooligans we are.     At night we watched scary movies and she laughed while I cried. 
 In our spare t…

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