Look at the Lizard

Hey friends!
I just thought I'd share my Hollywood hike experience with you guys in case anyone was going in the future and wanted to know what to expect.

My family and I decided to celebrate my moms birthday and hike to the Hollywood sign last Saturday. I will be honest, I wasn't too interested in going because hiking doesn't really capture my interest even if the view is beautiful. (sorry avid hikers)  But I will admit that this hike is definitely one that I would do again.

It starts with the trail head that is right next to all of these beautiful homes in Hollywood that must cost a fortune, which was why I thought it was sad that these people must pay so much to live here when their street parking is taken up most of the time due to hikers. 
I thought it would be wise to use the restroom before I made the climb because I wasn't sure how long six miles would be for me, especially because I didn't know how steep the hills would be and if it would be steep the whole wa…

Awkward Crepe Incidents

I'm not usually known as being a pig when I eat (okay, sometimes my friends get on me), but I sure felt like one Thursday night. I had gone to a church event where they made crepes topped with ice cream and strawberries with chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. I know, I know. Diabetes waiting to happen.

It was so good that I had to take two extra plates home with me (because what else would anyone do in my situation?) I quickly realized that I couldn't possibly drive home and hold two plates at the same time and I didn't trust the passenger seat to hold my precious cargo. The only option I had was to eat one of them and look at the semi dark parking lot filled with silence and the few stragglers walking out of the building to their cars.

It wasn't awkward because no one else was in the car with me and everyone walking out of the building didn't notice me chilling in my car,  so I was content to sit in silence and chomp away at this celestial goodness. The dingy plas…

Happy Easter!

Happy Late Easter Beautiful Souls! 
I know it's a must to post Easter outfits on social media so I thought I'd share my outfit with all of you and my thoughts on Easter. 

                                                  Dress: Mikarose // Shoes: Steve Madden

I used to love Easter for the candy it brought and the love I felt on the holiday. I know Easter is really commercialized like Christmas and Halloween but I think that is okay. I think any Christian could be okay with how commercialized it is because it's still providing the effect of joy and love. Easter brings families together and that's what Christ wants. Of course it's great to think of him on this day and remember what he's done for us but some don't believe in him and that's also okay because it's their belief, I think he's also just happy with seeing us taking the time to love our families on this day of remembrance. Loving your family can bring you closer to Christ (and happiness in g…

Hello My Beautiful Souls!

Hey friends (and future friends) I thought I'd have my first post be an introductory post and let you guys know whats goin' on here. I originally wanted to start a you tube channel to connect with people and help people go through the same beauty/life struggles that I've gone through. I realized however, that I am far too awkward to speak to a camera and I am much better in writing. My goal for this blog is to be interactive. I want to hear your guys thoughts and I want to help answer your questions about anything pertaining to life. (Basically we can talk about anything. Its an open blog).  
I Love You All!